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All prices quoted below assume that the weapon is in relatively good shape and relatively clean. Weapons that are filthy will receive an additional charge of $40-80 to clean in preparation for requested work. Weapons should be wiped down by customer before dropping off. The vault is climate controlled, but dry weapons will rust while waiting for work. The company is not responsible for any rust or corrosion due to weapons being dropped off dry or dirty. The minimum charge for all work is $40.  New York State (Erie County) sales of 8.75% tax will apply to all labor and parts charges for NYS Residents.

Generally, there will be a minimum $40-$80 disassembly and reassembly fee on top of all quoted work. 

I reserve the right to refuse to do any work that is unsafe, illegal, or in poor taste. Unsafe conditions discovered in a weapon will be fixed at the standard charges as required. Unsafe firearms will only leave the shop with a signed understanding by the owner.

  1. Bluing Policy

    The following prices reflect the amount of time estimated to do a firearm in NRA Very Good Condition, in that the metal shows no pitting. An additional charge in accordance with Flat Rate ($80/hr) will be made for guns whose surface is pitted to varying degrees. It would be cumbersome to list each model, therefore, only representative models are listed. 

    A firearm will be refused for bluing if it is determined that it is unsafe in its present condition. It should be properly repaired before refinishing. If a firearm is judged to be unsound in its metallurgy, due to age or having been subjected to heat in a fire that would alter its heat treatment, the firearm cannot be blued. It is also policy that if a firearm is a boni-fide antique whose value would be impaired or diminished by bluing, it will be refused for refinishing. However, this would not exclude the possibility of an antique firearm being authentically restored.

    All efforts will be made to preserve lettering, markings and engraving. However, when the removal of pitting causes partial erasure of previously mentioned identifying marks, the entire marking will be removed. Caliber markings will be restamped. Patent markings, addresses or engraving will not be restamped or restored. Serial numbers will not be altered and pitting in or around serial numbering will remain.

    There are 4 finish options for firearms.

    - Option 1 is the shop standard finish with a Satin/400 grit finish. This applies to the barrel, magazine tube, receiver, and cylinder. Small parts such as sights, bands, and safeties will be bead finished. Aluminum parts will be Dura-coated. Parts that are factory cast will turn purple.

    - Option 2 is a complete satin bead/blast finish (this is always an extra $40 charge above the “satin/400” price listed). 

    - Option 3 is a high gloss or mirror finish (note-this is only applied to round barrels, mag tubes, pistol slide flats, and cylinders on the weapon).

    - Option 4 is a Hot-Rust blue finish generally used on shotgun barrels. Standard final grit used is 320. Price for work on rifle or pistol barrels will be quoted individually.

    *Options 1,2, and 3 are by hot emersion method.*

    *Octagonal and ventilated rib barrels require an additional charge of $240 due to the amount of hand work required. High gloss is not an option for these barrels.*

  2. *There is a minimum $20 charge to blue any part that has been altered or machined. Prices will be quoted for individual jobs.*
    1. 22 Caliber Rim Fire RiflesSatin/400High Gloss
      1. Single Shot Bolt Action $200$600
      2. Clip Fed Bolt Action $200$600
      3. Tubular Fed Bolt Action $240$720
      4. Semi Auto, Mossberg $240$720
      5. Semi Auto, Browning $300$900
      6. Lever Action, Marlin $280$840
      7. Falling Block Winchester $280$840
      8. Pump Action, Win. or Rem. $280$840
    2. Center Fire Rifles, Commercial
      1. Bolt Action, Mod 70 Win or Mod 700 Rem.$280$840
      2. Bolt Action, Krag $300$900
      3. Pump Action, Rem. 760 $280$840
      4. Pump Action, Rem. 14 or 141 $360$1080
    3. Lever Actions
      1. Win. Model 94 (Pre-64), Marlin Model 336 $280$840
      2. Win. Model 88, Sako $340$1020
      3. Browning BLR $400$1200
      4. Savage Model 99 $320$960
    4. Semi-Automatic Rifles
      1. Rem. Model 742 $280$840
      2. Rem. Model 8 $320$960
      3. Browning BAR $360$1080
      4. Win. Model 351 Self-Loader $320$960
      5. Win. Model 100 $340$1020
    5. Single Shot Falling Block Actions
      1. Win. Low or High Wall, Ruger No. 1$320$960
    6. Single Shot Shotguns
      1. Savage Model 220, Iver Johnson, H&R $200N/A
      2. Single Barrel Trap (Ithaca, Parker, Fox) $400$1200
    7. Bolt Action Shotguns
      1. Mossberg, Marlin$240N/A
    8. Pump Shotguns
      1. Win. Model 12, Model 97 $400$1200
      2. Rem. Model 870 $240N/A
      3. Mossberg Model 500 N/A N/A
      4. Stevens Model 520 & 620 $240N/A
      5. Win. Model 1200/1300 N/A N/A
    9. Semi-Automatic Shotguns
      1. Rem. Model 1100, 11/87 $240N/A
      2. Win. Model 1400 N/A N/A
      3. Browning Auto 5, Rem. Model II $320N/A
      4. Ithaca Mag 10 $320N/A
    10. Double Barrel Shotguns
      1. Silver Soldered Barrels
        1. Barrels Only$300N/A
        2. Complete Gun$600N/A
      2. Soft Solder Barrels
        1. Hot Rust Barrels Only $440N/A
        2. Hot Rust Barrels w/ complete gun $880
    11. Small Semi-Automatic Pistols (case by case)
      1. Berreta, Walther, Colt$280N/A
    12. Large Semi-Automatic Pistols$280$840
    13. Revolvers
      1. Single Action $360$1080
      2. Double $360$1080
    14. Single Shot Pistol$280$840
    15. Muzzleloaders (Single Shot)
      1. Imersion Blue Method $280N/A
      2. Browning Method $360N/A
  3. Stockwork
    1. Custom Stocks: Stocks will be all hand inletted in the customer’s choice of wood and will be custom tailored to the customers dimensions. No turned or semi-inletted stocks will be used in this category.

      The following prices reflect the cost of labor only and do not include the cost of wood and accessories chosen by the customer. Standard work includes installing a 90 degree forend tip and grip cap (metal brownell type), recoil pad, and screw-in sling swivel studs. The stock will finished in a hand rubbed oil finish. Cheek pieces, checkering and installation of wood grip caps, skeleton grip caps and or butt plates, crescent butt plates, pillar bedding…ect are all custom options and priced accordingly. 

      1. One piece rifle stocksLabor Only
        1. Mauser Model 98/96 $2000
        2. Winchester Model 70, Sako, Montana 1999 $2000
        3. Rem. Model 700/7 $2000
        4. Ruger Model 77, Springfield 03 $2400
      2. Two Piece Rifle Stocks
        1. Remington Model 760/740 $2000
        2. Ruger No. 1 $2000
        3. Winchester/Marlin Lever Action $2000
        4. Winchester/Remington/Stevens Single Shot $2000
      3. Shotgun Stocks
        1. Box Lock Double Barrels $2000
        2. Side Lock Double Barrels $2400
        3. Browning Over & Under $1840
        4. Remington Model 870, Ithaca Model 37 $1840
        5. Winchester Model 12 $2000
        6. Browning Auto 5 $1840
        7. Single Barrel $1840
    2. Semi-Inletted Stocks: All prices are for the handwork necessary to properly fit/bed the barrels and action, install recoil pad, install sling swivel studs, and finish the stock with a hand rubbed oil finish. The price of the stock, tip cap, recoil pad, and other accessories are extra.
      1. One Piece Rifle Stocks BY THE HOUR AT FLAT RATE
      2. Two Piece Stocks BY THE HOUR AT FLAT RATE
    3. Fiberglass and Laminated Replacement Stocks
      -No finish required. BY THE HOUR AT FLAT RATE
    4. Muzzleloaders
      1. Pre-inletted Kit Models BY THE HOUR AT FLAT RATE
      2. Blanks $2000-2800
    5. Additional Work
      1. Fit Recoil Pad (plus cost of pad)$80 Cut wood to requested LOP is additional $20
      2. Fit/install 90 degree forend tip$120
      3. Fit/install 45 degree forend tip$160
      4. Fit/install 60 degree forend tip$160
      5. Fit/install Skeleton Buttplate$640
      6. Fit/install Skeleton Grip Cap$320
      7. Install sling swivel studs$20
      8. Install Dakota sling swivel mounts$240
      9. Refinish Stock w/ oil….no dents or cracks. Minimum $320 with estimate
      10. Checkering…new or refresh$100/hr
      11. Glass bedding lug and chamber $120
      12. Pillar Bedding$120
      13. Standard raised cheek piece$160
      14. Roll-over cheek piece $320
      15. Shadow line on cheek piece $80
      16. Install wood grip cap $160
      17. Install crescent buttplate $320
      18. Install adjustable comb kit $320
      19. Stock Repair $80/hr
  4. Rifle Barrel Work
    1. Fitted and chambered to individual action (includes crowning). This does not include cost of the barrel, adjusting boltfaces, installing sights, cutting magazine dovetails, tapping for forend screws, contouring, polishing, and bluing. All wildcat chambering will require additional charges on a case by case basis to cover reamer fees.
      I reserve the right to refuse to do any action/cartridge combinations that are unsafe.
      1. Mauser 98/96$300
      2. Sako Actions$300
      3. Remington 7, 700, 721, 722, 725 $350
      4. Savage 110$350
        1. Fit New Recoil Lug for above$50
      5. Win. 70, Springfield 03 or 1917 action$400
      6. Japanese 6.5 or .31 “Metric Threads”$400
      7. Traditional Single Shot$350
      8. Ruger No. 1$350
      9. Lever Action $400
    2. Throating$100
    3. Turn Barrel contour to Customers Specifications$200
    4. Cut and crown a barrel$100
    5. Recrown a damaged crown not require cutting (.050”)$75
    6. Cut magazine dovetails in barrel$100 per
    7. Check Headspace on standard cartridge$20
  5. Shotgun Work
    1. Lengthen forcing cone$100
    1. Hone Barrel. Per Barrel$80
    2. Lengthen chamber to 23/4” or 3”. Per chamber$100
    3. Install removable choke tubes. Per barrel.
      *Currently only 12/20GA Tru-Choke system
    4. Port Barrel $100 per barrel
  1. Sight Mounting
    1. Cut and fit standard dovetail$100
    2. Laser boresight scope or sights$20
    3. Drill and tap for scope bases$20/hole  Minimum $40
    4. Fit ramp sights
      1. Screw on$20/hole Minimum $40
      2. Silver Solder$80
    5. Drill and tap for Williams or similar receiver sight $20/hole Minimum $40
    6. Drill and tap for tang sight$25/hole
    7. Target Mounts at desired spacing$25/hole  Minimum $50
    8. Drill and tap shotgun bead$20/hole  Minimum $40
    9. Switch sights requiring no fitting$10/sight
    10. Mount scope on pre-drilled receiver
      -Does not include bases, or rings. Rings will be lapped. Scope will be leveled to receiver and boresighted.
    11. Machine/install various sights on a pistol slide
      -does not include rebluing exposed steel in machining cuts.
    12. Sight in customer's weapon at 100yds.
      -does not include cost of 1 box of ammunition.
  2. Trigger Work

    I WILL NOT INSTALL A HAIR TRIGGER! The lowest setting I will set on a target gun is 2lbs. All hunting guns will have a minimum 3lb pull. Carry/self defense guns will have a minimum 4lb pull. Safety and reliability are the 2 unbreakable absolutes in trigger work.

    1. Rifles
      1. Hone and adjust military triggers$120
      2. Install commercial adjustable trigger $40
      3.  Install commercial trigger shoe$80
    2. Shotguns
      1. Hone and adjust trigger$160 per
    3. Handguns
      1. Revolver trigger and action job$240
      2. Automatic pistol trigger job$240
      3. Trigger Stop$80-160
  3. Safety Work


    1. Fit Buehler type safety$75
    2. Fit Model 70 type safety on Mauser 98 or Remington Model 700$200
  4. Miscellaneous Work

    If there is a task not listed, I will quote a price based off my estimate of time required to complete work.

    1. Weld on new bolt handle. Does not include bluing$160
    2. Jewell Bolt $240
    3. Alter bolt face, extractor, and feed lips for Magnum caliber conversions$150
    4. Open 2½” Winchester Model 12 for 2¾” shells$100
    5. Install muzzle brake. Does not include bluing.$200
    6. Install mercury style recoil reducer in stock$80
    7. Reshape stock$80/hr
    8. Install barrel liner. Does not include liner.$250
    9. Nitre Blue small parts. Does not include polishing$10 per
    10. Drill and Tap holes$20 per Minimum$40
    11. Full disassembly clean and lube$80-240
    12. Install Tactical bolt knob$100
    13. Install SAKO extractor on 700 bolt$150
    14. Blueprint 700 Action$150
    15. Pin and weld thread cap$50
    16. Convert cylinder to larger caliber (ex .357 to 44)$300
  5. Hourly Rate
    1. Per labor hour $80
    2. Per machine hour $100